We work with communities to fund, realize, and maintain solutions to their most significant needs.

Our core value is that the community understands its own needs and capabilities best.

Medellín, Colombia

Medellín, Colombia



If your community has a solution to a need that isn't being realized or maintained because of a shortfall in funding, we're here to help. We can help a teacher who wants to build a community center, a group of farmers who want to build a footbridge over a river, a neighborhood association that wants to refurbish a playground, or a local council that wants to build a better bus stop. We are broad in the types and locations of project we help fund.

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By giving communities a greater voice in the first stage of project determination, we fix a key disconnect in domestic and international philanthropic funding.



Kitame’s approach ensures that funded projects are valued and prioritized by the community, avoiding a common trap where outsiders’ choices lead to neglected programs and infrastructure. Because we require a substantial community contribution to the project, projects that aren't key priorities for the community will not make it into the Kitame funding pipeline.

As such, funders can know that the projects they're enabling are wanted and appreciated by the community, and will have lasting impact and visibility.

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Bronxville, United States

Bronxville, United States