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Medellín, Colombia

Medellín, Colombia


If your community has a solution to a need that isn't being realized or maintained because of a shortfall in funding, we're here to help. We can help a teacher who wants to build a community center, a group of farmers who want to build a footbridge over a river, a neighborhood association that wants to refurbish a playground, or a local council that wants to build a better bus stop. We have a strong focus on funding for ongoing maintenance, so that the impact is lasting for the benefit of both the community and the funders.

We are broad in the types and locations of project we help fund. Our core value is the knowledge that the community understands its own needs and capabilities best.

What we ask from the community is buy-in: that the community is responsible for at least 10% of the value of the project. This contribution can take the form of financial investment, materials, land, or labor, and must be collected or raised locally. This commitment, along with the project having been the community's idea, helps funders know that their help and the project it's enabling are deeply cared about and needed. The portion of the funding raised by Kitame is a grant; it is not a loan — in effect, we leverage the community’s investment with our funding.

In order to submit a project for consideration, please submit the following initial information to :

  1. Where is the project located?

  2. What does the project hope to accomplish?

  3. What is the implementing group or who are the implementers?

  4. How was the project decided?

  5. How do you propose to meet the community share requirement?

  6. Is this a new program or piece of infrastructure? What long-term maintenance plans exist or are envisioned?

  7. What is the total cost of the project (including maintenance), or are you looking for our help to scope the cost of the project?